Our Story

E Z Mobile Corp. will simplify mobility for you!

E Z Mobile Corp. (EZM) is an end-to-end comprehensive service provider of telecom support services, specializing in cellular technologies. Cellular technologies are growing rapidly and accompany a new and unique set of questions and issues resulting in another tier of support required by organizations. EZM has been a trailblazer in the telecom industry and during this time we have acquired extensive industry knowledge. Backed by advantageous relationships with a variety of product suppliers, service providers and years of knowledge and experience, EZM has a diverse assortment of resources available to create, customize and support solutions for a multitude of industries and verticals.

Head Office: 888-851-7880
P.O. Box 2017, Helena, MT 59624

Support: USA, Canada and International

Operations Team: Operations@ezmobilecorp.com Toll Free: 1.877.904.2328 ext 1

Technical Support: tech@ezmobilecorp.com Toll Free: 1.877.904.2328 ext 2

What we do: Cell phone and VoIP support infrastructure, from your monthly bills, and plan changes to repairs, Data SIMs and IT needs.